15 Mar

Antarctic Options Abound!

Antarctica is considered by many to be the ultimate travel destination. It certainly lives up to the superlatives that have been applied by explorers and travellers. Most travellers sail to the Antarctic from South America. Here the crossing to Antarctica is short, the coast ice free for an extended period of time, the wildlife prolific and the scenery staggeringly beautiful. In addition to the Antarctic Peninsula, there is also the opportunity to join expeditions which combine the Antarctica with the wildlife rich Subantarctic Islands. Cruises run between November & March. From mid-December until the end of January you will experience the height of the Antarctic summer when penguin chicks become increasingly independent and you have the longest polar days. In February & March the weather progressively cools but you can expect some of the best whale encounters and beautiful sunsets.
There are over 30 Cruise lines that will take you to the Antarctic and they offer every level of service. You can even fly/cruise, taking out having to cruise across the Drake Passage, although there is a downside to this option. If you would like to find out more about making your trip of a lifetime to the Antarctic, then give us a call on 0800 377 479 to discuss your options.