16 Jan

Golf Encounters

Not everyone wants to travel in a group to play golf. They prefer their independence and to choose where and when they wish to travel and where they would like to play golf. In addition to this, we are being approached on a regular basis to provide custom inbound itineraries for individuals and groups. Our contacts with hotels, golf clubs and transport providers means that providing custom itineraries both for New Zealand and overseas is an obvious extension to what we already do. 
Therefore we have recently launched a completely new area on our website under the brand of Golf Encounters. You can switch between both sections of the website just by selecting the tour category you want under the Tours tab, or just type in www.golfencounters.co.nz to go straight to the custom/independent tours area. We have loaded up some sample tours to give people some ideas, but really the sky is the limit on what can be done here - whether it is just the two of you, two or three couples, a group of mates or a group from your golf club, we can custom build a holiday for you, gaining you access to those golf courses you have always wanted to play. We are still in the process of loading sample tours, so dont be put off by the handful that are there at the moment. More will be going up as time allows. To get a quote for your independent golf holiday, just contact us by email or phone. We will need to know where & when you want to go, the level and type of accommodation you would like, and whether you will self-drive or prefer transfers. We look forward to assisting you with your custom/independent golfing holiday in the future.