July 10, 2020

Since we are staying put in New Zealand for the next little while, here’s a quick Quiz to see how well you know this wonderful country of ours. There’s a bottle of decent wine for the person who is drawn from those that have all the questions answered correctly. Email your answers to us at

  1. Where is NZ’s oldest surviving building?
  2. According to Maori legend, the leader of the Maori expedition from Hawaii that found Aotearoa was: a) Maui b) Hone Heke c) Kupe d) Te Kooti
  3. At which Olympics did NZ’er Peter Snell win gold medals for the 800m & 1500mm? a) 1956 Melbourne b) 1960 Rome c) 1964 Tokyo. d) 1968 Mexico
  4. What is NZ’s most famous castle? a) Cargill’s Castle. b) Larnach Castle. c) Wellingtons Castle. d) Nelsons Castle
  5. Which region is known as the Fruitbowl of NZ? a) Northland. b) Canterbury. c) Hawkes Bay. d) Heartland
  6. No part of NZ is more than 128km from the sea – a) True. b) False
  7. Which is NZ’s Tallest mountain? a) Mt Aspiring. b) Mt Cook. c) Mt Ruapehu. d) Tapune-o-Venuku
  8. What year did the Auckland Harbour Bridge open? a) 1954. b) 1959. c) 1964. d) 1969
  9. Which is our largest lake after Lake Taupo? a) Lake Te Anau. b) Lake Wanaka. c) Lake Ellesmere. d) Lake Rotorua
  10. Excluding Auckland, what urban area has the highest population? a) Hamilton. b) Wellington. c) Christchurch. d) Dunedin
  11. Where is the town of Puponga? a) Top of the North Island. b) Bottom of the North Island. c) Top of the South Island d) Bottom of the South Island
  12. How long is 90 mile beach? a) 55km. b) 73km. c) 88km. d) 144km
  13. What is NZ’s largest region by land area? a) Canterbury. b) Otago. c) Manawatu-Whanganui d) Waikato
  14. Which is NZ’s largest National Park? a) Fiordland. b) Kahurangi. c) Mt Aspiring. d) Tongariro
  15. Where is the Martha Mine? a) Reefton. b) Huntly. c) Thames. d) Waihi
  16. Which town is furthest North? a) Dannevirke. b) Dargaville c) Opotiki. d) Tokoroa
  17. Where is NZ’s first Wind Farm? a) Castle Hill b) Dunedin. c) Palmerston North. d) Wellington
  18. Where are the Moeraki Boulders? a) Koekohe Beach b) Onetahuti Beach. c) Sandfly Beach. d) Waimarama Beach
  19. What is NZ’s longest bridge? a) Auckland Harbour Bridge. b) Rakaia Bridge. c) Fairfield Bridge. d) Balclutha Road Bridge
  20. Who made the first direct solo flights from England to NZ? a) Charles Kingsford Smith. b) George Bolt. c) Jean Batten. d) Richard Pearce

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