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Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that as soon as you have made and confirmed any travel or holiday plans, you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.
This will cover you should the unforeseen happen and you need to cancel your booking or you have an accident whilst out of New Zealand. Recently there has been a huge spike in the number of travel insurance disputes which has prompted a warning for people to be certain about what they are covered for before travelling. Most of complaints made were not upheld because the wording of the policies was clear. Some travel insurance policies have a number of restrictions customers may not always know about when they embark on their travel. It is vital that you fully understand and are absolutely certain what your insurance covers – particularly if you are thinking about relying on the free travel insurance which some banks offer when you pay for travel with a credit card. We offer travel insurance from two insurers – CoverMore and Kiwi Holiday Insurance for both our Leisure and Corporate travelers. You can obtain a quote and purchase your Travel Insurance by calling us on 0800 377 479. We will then email a quote to you. Please feel free to talk to us to discuss your travel insurance needs, as there are always options!
Since 2015, we have been on several Golf Tours with Charlie’s Golf groups (now Golf Encounters) - to Adelaide, Sunshine Coast (twice), Melbourne and Canada. The reason we keep coming back is because we love this way of seeing other places. We have two more trips planned and can’t wait.

— Jeanette & Bill, Christchurch

We went to China with Marian and Peter in May and had the most amazing time from seeing the incredible Terracotta Warriors to some stunning golf courses all wrapped around immaculate travel plans!

— Kerry & Neil, Dunedin

Peter is such a professional tour operator. Flights, accommodation, golf courses accessed and extras are well organised. And the company of fellow like-minded travellers is the best. From good golfers to ‘also rans’, all are treated with respect and friendship. And his team of group leaders are superb.

— Jeanette & Bill, Christchurch

We have done a number of tours with the group over the years, and have found that everything is so well organised, planning is impeccable, and the golf courses and resorts world class. We’ve enjoyed the companionship and camaraderie that’s apparent in these tours, and the lifetime memories we have had with the tour group. Incredible tours to African countries, and Canada are amongst the highlights. We will continue with these tours for many years yet. 

— Sandra and Colin, Tauranga 

The tours we have enjoyed with Peter and Marian over recent years have left us with more indelible memories of the places we have seen, the development and nurturing of new friendships, not excluding the unique golfing experiences on fantastic courses.

— Tyrone & Yvonne, Auckland 

Really enjoyed the tour. A great opportunity to play golf in Hawaii while also enjoying the cruise and visiting four different islands.

— Rod, Christchurch 

Peter and Marian’s mission and passion to gratify the golfers’ touring experience, has led to a variety of new adventures and encounters, while forging a new identity. Their newsletter is detailed and informative and wets the appetite to do a tour. We look forward to a new golfing encounter in the near future.

— Tyrone & Yvonne, Auckland 

We have been on 5 Golf Encounters tours to date, all of which have been hassle free golfing holidays with visits to local sites and attractions included. We just arrive at the airport and are looked after for the duration of the holiday! Just a bonus that Golf Encounters operators are nice people!

— Bob & Pat Clevedon (Golfer & Non Golfer) 

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