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The Grand European Golf River Cruise

Join us on this exciting new tour as we witness centuries of history in the heart of Europe. Cruise from the canals in Amsterdam, 2000kms across Europe to Budapest, the ‘Queen of the Danube’. The beauty of the Rhine with its castles and cathedral cities, the engineering feat of the Main-Danube canal and the wonders of the Danube river are all highlights along the way. Traverse five countries – the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary – with visits to numerous capital cities, while passing through the unique landscapes of the myth-enshrouded Lorelei, the “Schlogener Schlinge” below Passau, the picturesque UNESCO Wachau Valley region and the Danube Knee at Visegrad. And not to forget the golf. Europe is a golfing paradise, with courses to suit all abilities, tastes and pockets. They have much to offer in terms of challenge and closeness to nature.  Join us on The Grand European Golf River Cruise!

24 July - 11 August 2025

18 nights

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Surrounded by the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, South Africa contains some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, offering a diverse range of experiences for travelers.

From the thrill of encountering the Big 5 on a safari to enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the coastal drives and golf courses, there is certainly a lot to look forward to on this tour.

Exploring the rich culture and cuisine of South Africa, along with delving into its history through visits to significant sites like Robben Island, adds a deeper layer to the travel experience. Wine tasing and sampling local cuisine are great ways to immerse oneself in the flavors of the region.

15 Sept - 3 Oct 2025

19 nights

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Argentina boasts the highest Andean peak (Aconcagua) and the world’s southernmost city (Ushuaia). Buenos Aires offers countless avenues to all night revelry, but beyond the city limits nature comes unabashed and boundless. The dry pastel hues of the northern desert erupt into the thunderous falls of Iguazu, the crisp skies of the Lakes region and the craggy, glacier-clad south. Once here, slow down and you will draw in all manner of encounters.

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