Hosted Golf Tours

No one else in New Zealand offers such a comprehensive range of hosted golf tours!

Hosted Tours in Thailand!

from $7,795pp


Mix Chiang Mai, the ‘rose of the north’, the royal coastal resort of Hua Hin and sprinkle some of the best golf courses in Asia and you have the perfect ingredients for a relaxed golfing holiday in exotic surroundings!

24 Mar - 7 Apr 2020

14 nights

Hosted Tours in Japan

from $15,995pp


Japan is one of those places that both conforms to and confounds your expectations. Where vending machines sell beer and neckties; and news updates track the arrival of the cherry blossom!

8 - 24 May 2020

14 nights

Hosted Tour at China

from $10,795pp


Venture away from the cities into the Mission Hills golf resort and experience golf on a scale like you have never seen before. See historic relics such as terracotta soldiers and the Great Wall — China truly has something for everyone. 

7 - 24 May 2020

17 nights

Hosted Tours at the Canadian Rockies

from $13,995pp

Canadian Rockies

Discover Canada’s stunning mountains, friendly cities & experience breathtaking views on its top courses. And at the end of the tour why not stay on and explore Alaska’s Inside Passage & Glacier Bay on an Ocean Cruise?

5 - 23 Jun 2020

19 nights

Hosted Tours at Kenya, Africa

from $12,995pp


Discover a kaleidoscope of landscapes, wildlife and culture in the ultimate big safari areas of Kenya: a herd of giraffes migrating across the golden savanna, the clouded plateau of Mt Kilimanjaro…

7 - 28 June 2020

21 nights

from $11,995pp


Even in its lively cities, towns and brightly painted villages, Ireland encourages you to stop, soak up your surroundings and become part of the merriment.

29 Aug - 17 Sep 2020

17 nights

from $11,995pp


Visit three of the most delightful European countries in one tour: Italy, Switzerland, France. Walk into historic streets, castles and cathedrals…

15 Sep - 5 Oct 2020

17 nights

3 Countries

Hosted Tours in South Africa


South Africa

This refreshed South Africa golf tour includes a wide range of memorable activities including stunning coastal drives, malaria-free national park game drives, whale watching, vineyards and top golf courses. 

Sep - Oct 2020

18 nights

Hosted Tours at Hawaii!

from $10,995pp

Hawaii Golf Cruise

A golfer’s paradise with over 70 golf courses to choose from. We are combining cruise ship accommodation with the opportunity to play breath-taking courses on four of the six islands of Hawaii.

14 - 25 Oct 2020

10 nights

Golf Tour

Encounter Italy, France & Switzerland

Visit Three of the most delightful European Countries in one Tour.

ITALY – As elegant as a finely staged Opera, as exuberant as a street carnival, Italy is all things to all people. FRANCE – A timeless land of deep-rooted tradition and modern innovation, a fabled feast of fine food and wine, with romance woven into every second footstep. SWITZERLAND – Roam it’s picture postcard castles & villages, soak in mountain spa waters, sip Hot Chocolate; this country captivates.

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