April 5, 2021

Thank you to all those who took the time to give us feedback on your thoughts around travel over the coming months and into the future. We asked a number of questions and we have summarized these below. 

  • Nearly 60% of you have travelled in NZ over the past year to play golf & 15% took the opportunity to explore parts of NZ you hadn’t visited before.
  • Just over 40% of you are comfortable to travel to Australia just as soon as the travel bubble opens and there are no quarantine restrictions in either direction, although 38% will wait a few more months and probably wait until next year.
  • Travelling further afield than Australia produced an interesting range of responses, although it may be influenced by having family overseas; 21% of you want to travel overseas as soon as flights & borders allow; 35% would venture further than Aussie in 2022 and 44% will be waiting until 2023. 
  • We asked you which countries from our list would you be happy to travel to over the coming years. Perhaps not surprisingly, you did not want to travel to USA & China for the foreseeable future! However, over 60% of you would travel to Canada, Hawaii (I know that’s part of the USA!) Thailand & Vietnam in 2022 0r 2023.
  • Our cruise question also had a predictable outcome with the majority of you wanting to stay well clear of cruising for the time being. 
  • Lastly, nearly 90% of you would be happy to have a vaccine & to carry a Covid Vaccine Passport when travelling overseas. Just as well, as it seems that many of the airlines and countries will be stipulating that one will need to have been vaccinated in order to fly/enter countries. 

The winner of the draw for one of our new Golf Umbrellas is John Davies and we will be sending it down to you just as soon as we have received them from the supplier. 

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