Tips: Golf at home

April 12, 2020

Work on your game at home

With the current lockdown keeping us safe and keeping us at home, like us, you may be trying to find ways to keep yourself busy. Whilst we may be armchair golfers at the moment, we have put together a few tips with various ways you can practice golf at home and keep your passion for the game alive. Enjoy!

1. Golfing fitness

  • Probably one of the most forgotten aspects of golf practice is fitness itself! Overall health, fitness and flexibility will help your golf in many ways. During the lockdown is a great time to get in your daily walk, or work on some in home exercises to improve your balance & flexibility, core strength and overall muscular strength. Watch the video below for some great exercises you can be doing!

2. Putting

  • If you have carpeted floors, the ball will run quite slowly across them but it is a great drill for gaining the feel and control of your putter. Get a trusty old mug to use as a pretend target hole and you are all sorted!
  • Balance a coin on one golf ball at one end of the room and practice putting another ball as close as you can so that it touches the other golf ball but doesn’t knock the coin off.
  • Take five golf balls and set up 5 metres away from a wall. Chip one ball towards the wall aiming to finish halfway to the wall. Your next chip shot needs to land past the first ball but short of the wall. Your next shot must get past the second ball but stay short of the wall and so on. Sounds simple, but is deceptively hard with all five balls!

3. Swing

  • Possibly the most common practice drill is to slowly move your club into the required positions throughout your full swing to check your positions, using a mirror or window to give feedback and make adjustments as you go.
  • Take two similar length clubs (8 and 9 iron) and wrap your hands around both. Then make a normal backswing and you should instantly feel a pulling when at the top of the backswing through the added weight of the second club. Continue to swing through and finish a full swing with both clubs. Repeat this between 5-10 times before moving back to one club. This is great for improving your control of the golf club and to add speed to your swing, as one club will feel much lighter than two!
  • If you have the space or room, practicing into a net is a great alternative too!

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