07 Feb

Cruise or Safari?

I thought I would compare two very different and unique tours this month - our Hawaii Golf Cruise in September and our South Africa Golf Tour in October. Both tours offer an unique holiday experience, different from either just a tour or a stay in one location. 

The advantage of a cruise is that you can unpack just the once and the ship will transport you to a new port each day.  You don't have to find a restaurant each night- there are 8 you can choose from on the ship, and after your three course dinner, there are all sorts of entertainment laid on for all tastes. One of the main reasons we use the cruise ship on this tour is the convenience of getting to the various world class golf courses on the four islands we go to on Hawaii - imagine having to haul your clubs and bags through the security at all the airports every few days - not particularly restful! Plus there is so much on offer for non-golfing partners. So often we hear of couples who won't consider a golfing holiday because one is not into golf and the other doesn't feel comfortable submitting the other to golf every other day! The Hawaii cruise gives the non-golfer so many excursions and activities to do each golf day, and there is even a couple of days when there is no golf! And for those of you who are worried about being seasick, the ship doesn't get into open waters as it sails close to the islands, so you are often hard pressed to realise that the ship is moving most of the time! 

In contrast, South Africa offers diverse experiences and incredible sights. Its' Peoples, Landscapes, Wildlife and history - both in the long and short term past - are fascinating. The Safari experience will live with you for ever - that first sighting of elephant,  being in the midst of a Pride of Lions as they enjoy the kill made overnight, or spotting the Hippos in the river, not to mention the birdlife and many other sights & sounds you will see. The countryside through the Garden Route is stunningly pretty, as is the Winelands area. The golf is first class too, with four of the top ten courses in the country on the play list. The Fancourt and Sun City legs of the tour will be memorable, as will the trip up Table Mountain. 

If you have yet to go on a Safari or a Cruise, why not take this opportunity to experience one of them? We take care of everything so that you can enjoy a hassle-free relaxed holiday with a group of like minded friends you haven't met yet, with hosts there on hand to help and guide you, should you need support along the way.