Travel Insurance Updates

November 6, 2019

There is a new product in the travel insurance space that you may not be aware of – a ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ insurance policy! Yes, believe it or not, if you take this option on top of a Covermore ‘Your Cover’ policy, you can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours before departure and receive 75% of your costs back. As you would expect, there are some terms and conditions, the main one being this cover must be taken out with in 48 hours of making the first payment for the travel. If you are concerned that you may not be able to travel due to a reason outside of the normal cover of a policy, then this option is worth considering. Contact us if you would like further details. 

I often hear people saying that they want to pay by their credit card so that they can activate their credit card travel insurance. My response is always the same – that’s fine as long as you have checked the small print, as credit card insurances vary between card types and from stand alone travel insurance policies. Here are a few situations that have limited or no cover by credit card insurances: 

  • If a parent dies whilst you are away, there is no cover for you if they are over 80 or if they are not resident in NZ. 
  • There is differing cover for relatives who are not close family – uncle, aunt, step families or cousins are not covered.
  • There is no automatic cover for pre-existing medical conditions – full disclosure and additional premiums charged – that’s if cover is offered.
  • Limited rental car excess that won’t cover the cost of the excess on rental cars
  • Limited Cancellation Cover offered that may not cover the costs of the holiday.

We offer travel insurance from two separate companies, each offering two levels of insurance cover. Make sure you choose the right cover for your trip – please feel free to ask us to quote or advise you for your next trip or tour.

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