Susan Farron Tours

February 8, 2020

As you may be aware, we are privileged to be working with the former President of the NZ PGA, Golf Pro and coach, Susan Farron. Her coaching skills were greatly appreciated at last year’s golf retreats in Noosa and this year, in addition to the regular golfing retreats for Ladies and Mixed groups in August, we have arranged three golf tours for Susan. If you don’t want to travel far, then the two Weekend Golf Getaways with Susan will be just for you. Treat yourself to the luxuries of Kauri Cliffs  in September and play the number 43rd ranked course in the world outside of the US with Susan helping you along the way. Alternatively, how about a weekend in Taupo in May, playing Wairakei & Kinloch (Kinloch is ranked 94th in the world outside of the US) again with Susan guiding you around the rough! Finally, Susan has just announced the Magical Maui Golf Escape – 10 days in Maui in September, playing 5 of the top courses there, all under Susan’s expert guidance.

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Tour Updates

Tour Updates

We have every confidence that travel will be back on the cards and safe for everyone in the second half of this year....

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